Balloon Team 6

Every year, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas invites local architects and girls interested in architecture to develop critical thinking skills and promote cooperation and team building by turning empty Girl Scout cookie boxes into freestanding structures. This year’s theme was ‘I Can’t Wait… to See the World’ and several of the ten groups had hot air balloons on their mind…but I think we did it best. As if we didn’t have enough going on outside the office, three GFF employees met with nine teenage girl scouts over four months and designed, presented, and built their creation. Our inspiration began with the movie Around the World in 80 Days, which only the girls had seen. The girls sketched their ideas on paper, presented them to the group and voted on their favorite design. The result was a hot air balloon you could practically climb into with smaller scale models of some of our favorite buildings all on top of a cookie box created image of the world. Our 8’ x 8’ creations are on display at the Galleria Mall until March 2nd when the winning creation will be announced.

There is still time to vote for Team 6 ‘Oh the Places You Will Go’ through the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas’ web page

Thanks goes to the team who helped put this all together: Kelsey Vusich and Jeanmarie Brienza, with assistance from David and Zach Farrell.