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  • Welding IX – Group 3

    Group 3 attended their first welding workshop last night to be introduced to metal fabrication. Jackie Brooks, Claire Johnston, Leona Starostine, and Christopher Steinberg learned the basics in arc welding, MIG welding, and cutting with an oxyacetylene torch. After reassurance that they would not be electrocuted, or burned (badly), each stepped up to the plate…

  • Alta Maple Station Construction Site Tour

    On Friday, April 25, Gomez Studio took a tour of the Alta Maple Station construction site. The 248 unit, 4-story, wood-frame, multi-family project is well underway close to the corner of Maple Avenue and Inwood Road, directly adjacent to the Dart Inwood Station. Sited on a tricky property to plan, the project was inevitably split…

  • Welding Workshop VIII – Group 2

    Jeanmarie, Kelsey and Laura finished their projects this week: a table, and two wine holders. Laura’s table, built with half inch, square steel tubing, will fit in her living, as it was designed to function with other pieces of furniture. Jeanmarie’s wine rack is a playful juxtaposition of carefully proportioned, quarter-inch steel rods, to be…

  • Clinkinbeard Quarter

    Last Thursday, I gave a tour to Young Guns group from TREC of David Spence’s (Good Space) retail campus at the corner of N Tyler Street and W Davis Street called Clinkinbeard Quarter. Good Space added 16,000 SF of retail space in a one-story, brick building built in 1922, to the 4,000 SF wood frame…

  • Welding VI – Group 2

    Projects are well under way as Group 2 finishes their second class. Kelsey is building a wine rack, Laura finished up a shelf and coat rack, and Jeanmarie scaled up a model of a coat and key holder.

  • Welding Workshop V: Group 2

    Last night Group 2 began their first welding workshop. Laura Eder, Kelsey Vusich and Jeanmarie Brienza gather around the welding table as they discuss future sculptures, and learn the basics of metal fabrication.

  • Welding IV

    Last night Kathleen and Jillian Brooks finished up their metal tables during the welding workshop. Totaling 6 hours of work, Jillian has produced an insect-like table, and Kathleen has mastered the technique of bending steel to make a table that awaits a future wood finish top.

  • Welding III

    Welding Workshop Class #3. Isaac and Kathleen are well under way fabricating their own creations. Isaac is squaring off the fire pit planned for his backyard, and Kathleen is double checking the bent steel angle for a table she is making.

  • The Ginger Man at the Lakewood Shopping Center

    Sara and I went to go see the construction site of The Ginger Man in Lakewood Shopping Center. Currently finishing out the interiors, the construction crew is moving quick enough to make Sara say “Wow! I can’t believe how fast you’re moving!”, loud enough to hear over the concrete saws in the background.

  • Welding I

    Last night, Kathleen Chu, Isaac Robinson, Jillian Brooks, and Parker Spence all attended class one of a 4-week GFF Welding Workshop. Class one is an introductory course for the concepts, techniques, and equipment of metal fabrication. The group learned four different ways to weld and cut metal using an Oxyacetylene torch, Arc welder, and a…

  • Field Report: Dallas Arboretum Parking Garage and Underground Walkway

    The Gomez studio took a tour of the Arboretum Parking Garage and Underground Walkway construction site last Friday.

  • Pace Bend Parc

    A couple of us GFFers just made a rock climbing trip this past weekend at Lake Travis – Reimer’s Ranch. Caught in the act is fellow GFFer Jeanmarie Brienza who recently climbed a 5.8 route called “Eight Flake”, named after the large crack in the limestone that goes the entire length of the cliff face.…