2017 Promotion Insights

GFF, Inc. has announced promotions for 2017 and we have asked our promoted GFFers to share a couple personal insights about themselves. GFF is a diverse design firm and we love to celebrate our people and their passions. Each GFFer has given us two fun facts and one reason why 2016 was a memorable year. To learn more about 2017 promotions, read our press release.

Andrew Adkison – Associate Principal

  • I am the proud father of five children, four boys and one girl.
  • I like building and making things and being outside.
  • 2016 was memorable because I got into poison ivy three times and I hope to never have that happen again…ouch!

Eduardo Balderrama – Senior Project Coordinator

  • I’m a very easy going person who loves traveling, experiencing new cultures, eating food from all around the world, and meeting new people.
  • “Play hard but work harder” is one of my life long philosophies. I am constantly working on becoming a better person.
  • 2016 was memorable for me because I got to the chance to travel to places I’ve always wanted to visit; it was a year full of experiences and emotions. Definitely a year I will never forget.

JohnPaul Barrandey – Senior Project Coordinator

  • I enjoy competing in Ironman triathlons. My wife is my biggest competitor.
  • I recently picked up rock climbing as my new hobby (thanks to Jeff Good).
  • 2016 was memorable year because I was able to accomplish all of the goals I set for myself. I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in 2017!

Evan Beattie – Senior Principal in charge of Business Development

  • I got back into racquetball this last year after not playing for a long time and have really enjoyed the sport, but my backhand needs a lot of work!
  • I finally beat my father-in-law in golf in 2016, although I must admit that his arthritis was really acting up the day we played, and he is 76-years old…
  • The highlight of 2016 for Natalie and me was definitely the arrival of our son Pierce in February. It has been amazing to watch him grow this last year, and I’ve really appreciated the support I’ve received from the team at GFF to help balance work and spending time with family. We have much to be grateful for in 2017!

Ryan Beattie – Senior Project Coordinator

  • I love running and disc golf.
  • I lived in Beijing, China for two years.
  • 2016 was memorable because I began training for my first marathon.

Mark Bowles – Associate Principal

  • I have a fear of heights….but still love to fly and ride roller coasters.
  • I studied aerospace engineering my first year in college.
  • 2016 was memorable from a professional standpoint because it has been fun to watch Justin, Jeff and Alex mature within their respective roles.

Lonnie Burns – Associate

  • I enjoy backpacking.
  • I enjoy cycling.
  • 2016 was memorable because my youngest started his senior year of high school.

Jonathan Creel – Senior Project Coordinator

  • Besides working on my art (paint and canvas), I’ve recently began the restoration of a vintage motorcycle.
  • My wife and I inherited a ’66 Triumph Bonneville, and it’s become a constant weekend project.
  • 2016 was an insightful year. I’ve learned more this last year than ever before, and I hope that to be a continuation into the new one.

Carrie Cunningham – Project Leader

  • I was born in Germany.
  • I have a degree in theatre.
  • 2016 was memorable in several ways. I’ve had the opportunity to work on several exciting projects at GFF. Our son grew from being a baby into full-blown toddlerdom. I also managed to make it through my exams and get licensed during this past year.

Philip DeLaughter – Director of IT and IT Services

  • I love to play card games, board games, and the Xbox.
  • Apple products have to be rebooted too!
  • 2016 was memorable because I married a beautiful, smart and all around awesome woman who brings out the best in me, and I am blessed to have her two children join my life as well.

Dean Hageman – Associate

  • I enjoy playing golf.
  • I love the outdoors.
  • 2016 was memorable because I was promoted to an Associate!

Jason Hoyt – Senior Project Coordinator

  • I am a constant DIYer on my home.
  • I had a side passion of playing the Jazz Bass from High School into College but architecture was too much to bear.
  • 2016 was a great year for personal growth, challenging new projects and creating the West Studio experience within GFF.

Jillian Kohl – Associate

  • I am an animal lover (my husband and I have four dogs) and have been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years.
  • I love yoga and have recently started taking adult ballet classes.
  • 2016 was memorable because I received my Graduate Marketing Certificate from SMU’s Cox School of Business.

Samuel Mortimer – Project Leader

  • Our cat, Father Ted, is an ordained minister.
  • I moonlight as a pizzaiolo.
  • 2016 was memorable because it was the first time I felt like Dallas was home.

Emily Mendez – Project Leader

  • I love to watch old black-and-white classic movies.
  • My favorite vacation places are New York City and the New Mexico mountains.
  • 2016 was memorable for me because I started cooking more! (I am the Queen of take-out food).

Alix Rios – Project Leader

  • Dogs are my weakness, especially my recent rescued pup Marty.
  • An unfortunate (for my husband) hobby of mine is singing in the car. The night I met my (now) husband, I was unashamedly singing Journey’s song Faithfully  in the back of his car, so now every time Journey comes to town, we buy tickets.  So far I’ve seen them 3 times.  He proposed at the second concert, and we were married the same day (years later) the song Faithfully  was released (by coincidence).
  • 2016 was memorable because I married my best friend and fulfilled my dream of traveling to St. Barts to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Morgan Tade – Senior Project Coordinator

  • I was born and raised in Kansas, and graduated from the University of Kansas in 2015. Rock Chalk!
  • While in school I studied abroad in Italy, and spent a month traveling around Europe.
  • 2016 was memorable because I got to do a lot of traveling to several of cool places. I finally made it to Napa and Yosemite which were both beautiful, and I never wanted to leave!

Taylor Tillman – Project Coordinator

  • I love crafting (pretty much anything).  A little paint and paint brush can do you wonders.  I’m a firm believer in the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”
  • Photography and traveling are two hobbies of mine that go hand in hand… I want to see the world (& photograph it too)
  • 2016 was a memorable year for me because it’s the year I broke down one weekend in April and got my puppy, Lola.  Who knew something so cute and little could cause so much destruction?  It was a year full of many sleepless nights and learning patience, but it was completely worth it.

John Womble – Associate Principal

  • I love being a dad. Ginger and I have two amazing little boys that bring us so much joy.
  • I also really enjoy traveling because it brings together so many of my other interests such as art, architecture, history, photography and wine!
  • 2016 was memorable because this was our first year living out at the lake, so I will always remember the great summer we had with friends and family out on the boat.