2017 IIDA Cre8 Design Competition and Fashion Show

On April 28th, GFF competed in the biannual IIDA Cre8 Design Competition and Fashion Show. Our team included Alix Rios (model), Traci Webster, Emily Noble, Nancy Holmes, and Ashley Hall from GFF.  Architectural firms across Dallas are paired with one soft goods underwriter and one hard goods underwriter to design and create an outfit in 8 days using mostly materials donated by their assigned underwriters, and the garments are judged on the runway in multiple categories. This year’s theme for the fashion show was Circus and GFF selected Magician as our character to inspire the garment. Our underwriters were Wolf Gordon and MSI Stone, so from their products, we opted to use a gorgeous multi-color sheer drapery, shimmery gold wall tile, patterned upholstery fabric, metallic paint samples and a glitzy wall covering to create the main elements to our garment. When you think of a magician, some imagine a  large cape while others relate more to a Tuxedo, so we pulled inspiration from both creating the focal lapel connected to a long dynamic train that together embodies our interpretation of the Magician. Of course every magician needs a top hat.  We infused our top hat with a bit of magic so it spewed confetti at the end of the runway for a poof of mystery. Other characters portrayed by other local firms included sword swallower, bearded lady, clown, and more. The garments from every team were inspiring, and we loved the excuse to flex our creativity.